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Man And Van London House Moving Checklist – Essential For A Successful Move

Man And Van London House Moving Checklist

Planning a home moving checklist is the first thing you should do so that you can keep track of all the tasks to make sure of a well organised move. The home moving process actually starts a few days prior to the moving day. The following checklist from your local Man and Van London should help you sort out all the last minute tasks necessary for a successful move.

Before packing up your belongings.

1. Make sure that you defrost your fridge and freezer and drain all the water. Leave the fridge doors open for a couple of days before packing to release any moisture that might still be in the appliance.

2. You cannot pack and relocate carry gas cylinders, unless they have been professionally purged.

3. This one people often forget, check if you have returned all library books or DVDs from your local shop. Packing If you’ve to pack these, it might be an take up space and may expense you additional.

4. Make certain you’ve kept items like keys, passports, driving licenses in a safe place so that nothing is inadvertently packed.

5. Your children – With so much going on during the move, not having to worry about the kids is particularly helpful. Arrange for a relative or somebody else to look after your kids on packing day. Remember Man and Van London can do all this packing !.

6. When you have to relocate computer equipment, lock down your hard disk if possible. Also indicate the boxes carefully as “Fragile” and it will not get wet or thrown about.

7. Dangerous goods can’t be stored or transported. For example possessions like ammunition, cans of paint, gas cylinders, bleach products, linseed oil, kerosene, vegetable oils, batteries, charcoal, petrol, cleaning fluid, aerosols, matches and lighters are all prohibited items.

The night before:

8. Try to turn off all air conditioners and make use of them only if necessary during the packing. Furniture that’s placed in a constantly air conditioned room might condensate when suddenly exposed to hot air. Allowing your furniture to adapt to the hot air can be helpful in getting rid of moisture problems during transit.

9. Pack you suitcases with toiletries and garments for a couple of days and relocate them to a safe place such as the car or a neighbour’s house. This way they will not be accidently packed.

10. Put your personal telephone and address book with your hand luggage if flying. This will be handy if you wish to get in touch with people swiftly on arrival

11. Carefully dispose of all flammables, dangerous and hazardous supplies – dispose of or throw away bottles of nail polish.

12. Keep the keys to your house and car in a safe place where you’ll find them later.

Planning well for your home relocation, being prepared and having a moving house checklist that has all the tasks that you want to accomplish will make sure that your move is smooth and it will be as stress free and as pressure free as possible. If you are at all unsure ask Man and Van London

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